Trezesnwboard is a sports online game which you can play for free on y8 games for kids. This HTML game is playable on both browsers (safari, chrome) and smart devices (smartphone, pad or tablet) directly without installation. In the winter, no more interesting than skiing, so that spend your free time playing this game and relaxing.

You are playing on an icy hill which contains tons of obstacles. If you aren’t careful, you will die anytime. Your mission is to control your character to go as far as possible in this endless icy road. There are plenty of woodpiles on the way. They appear suddenly with a thick density in y8 online games. You must observe carefully and help the skier jump up at the right time to avoid crashing. If you are careless and hit the woodpiles of y8 online games, you will fall down and lose your life.

Besides, you can also see the hawks flying in the sky and you have to avoid crashing them in order to keep your life. Whenever you touch the obstacle, you die immediately. However, you are allowed to replay the game many times. The speed of the character becomes higher and higher as you progress, so you must act fast to jump up to avoid obstacles in time.

In addition to this, sometimes the gold stars appear on the road or in the sky, try your best to collect them as many as possible for bonus points. You will gain 10 points for each star. Your current score and high score are displayed on the screen. Attempt to run as far as you can in this endless race and set a record.

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Instruction to play:

Click your mouse or press any key to jump.