Harpoon Frvr

Harpoon Frvr is the ultimate fishing game which allows you to play on y8 funny games online for free. Fishing is a game that requires high patience and accuracy. You are out at wide sea with your trusty harpoon and there are various types of fish in the water. Your mission is to use this harpoon to catch as many fish in the sea below as possible.

Control your hook to take your aim and quickly fire at the fish, then catch them on the hook and return them to the boat. There are many types of fish as well as the other things in the sea. You must catch the fish and don’t catch anything else. Each kind of fish brings you the different amount of money. For instance, the white fish costs 10 dollars, the green one brings you 5 dollars, and the purple fish has the price of 20 dollars in y8 best games.

Sometimes you can see the jellyfish which are in the deep sea. Try to catch them and don’t miss out them because it brings you a large amount of money, 100 dollars in detail. Besides, if you collect enough jellyfish, you can also unlock many new modern and powerful hooks. In addition, the clock can bring you more time. Each time collecting one clock, you gain 5 seconds.

Your mission complete after 60 seconds. Take full use of them. Don’t touch other things such as the shoes and bottles or you will waste your time and you gain no points.

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Instruction to play:

 Use the left click to shoot and retract the harpoon.