Sand Worm

Are you afraid of a giant sand worm? Don't be! Come to Sand Worm game online for free to take the role of a giant sand worm and join a dangerous battle with the human.

Your task is to destroy all the enemies both on air and on the ground. You will begin as a small worm in the first level, but the worm will grow through higher levels as you will eat and grow. To be stronger, you need to guide the worm and eat all the guards that appear on the ground, jump to eat the helicopters on the air and destroy the tanks as well. While you are digging underground, you might find some fossils and dinosaurs bones on your way.

Don't worry because you can eat all of them! These fossils will also make you become a longer and stronger Sand Worm. This game might seem easy at first, but be careful along the way because you will be attacked by the enemies' bullets and fire. Try your best to avoid them while eating the guards to collect more coins. A tip is that you should use the keyboards flexibly to jump on air and dive underground in time.

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Instruction to play:

Control the worm by arrow keys to move left, right, dig underground and fly in the sky.