Noob Stamp It

Noob Stamp It is an excellent puzzle game that we have now added to make our category of new Minecraft Games even better than it already was, guaranteed with each new addition, with the Noob now working a simple job, which is what he can do best, to stamp things, and because he is a beginner at it, some help from you would not hurt at all!

Spend your time playing and you can explore other cool features of this game. Besides, if you want to deal with new challenges, Captain Gold and Idle Island Build And Survive are for you.

The fewer moves you make to finish a level, the more points you get by the end of it, so try not to move wastefully, but only precisely. Good luck, focus, and we wish you the best, inviting you to stick around for the many other amazing games coming down the pipeline very soon, only here!

Instruction to play:

Mouse or touch to screen!