Glor.Io is the latest medieval survival game at Y8 games 1 player. The name seems a bit strange to the new players. What's the meaning of it? The concept of the game is to provide you with a chance to fight for your honor, build your own clan and achieve the glory of the winner!

Unfortunately, from the beginning of the game, you will be on your own in the middle of a dangerous woods which is full of enemies and deadly creatures. All you have is your sword and your dream of glory. In this multiplayer online at y8 free online, you must find, collect and craft different resources such as gold, silver, wood, stone, and food. Gather the resources in a large quantity so that you can trade them on the market in order to get your money. Then, it's time to build walls, establish your units and other structures that will help you survive.

Like other survival games, fighting is a must. The defense shouldn't be the only strategy. Bear in mind that only by attacking and defeating the other opponents will you be able to become the last player standing. Be active to search for the traits of the enemies and come up with a tactic to destroy all of them. Show us your intelligence and wisdom in many games at such as and Zombs Royale

Instruction to play:

Interact with your character with the mouse.