House of Secrets 3D

House of Secrets 3D is the puzzle game which you can play on y8 2018 kids game for free. This game requires you to make full use of your logical thinking to escape from a locked house. You are in a cool 2-floor house and you want to go out but the key is hidden somewhere, so you have to explore the house and find the key to complete the mission.

You are in the living room with many items of furniture such as the wooden box, the wooden crate and so on. There are many useful objects like the gold lever or gas can and they are hidden, you must find them. After that, you can go upstairs. This room contains many things such as the cabinet, the dining table, the pot, the bookshelves and so on. Besides, you can see the bedroom and to unlock it, you must look for the key in y8 online games.

Find the silver lever to unlock the secret room on the first floor an encryption table, follow the instruction to go through the tunnel and collect many useful objects. You can see that everything in this house appears organised and homely perfectly but when you move objects and start to explore you find that everything isn't as it seems. Use your logical thinking to figure out the puzzles and finally escape this house. The nice 3D graphics with smooth animations are also the attractions of this game.

We appreciate your feedback and voting. Invite your friends to conquer the game with you. Many similar puzzle games are waiting for you on like Roly Poly Cannon: Bloody Monsters Pack 2 and Totemia: Cursed Marbles.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact.