461.io is a strategy io game which is playable 1 player games for boy. Jump into the galactic fight as you control your army of space age aircrafts. Take on their armies as you try to conquer areas in space with your dominate pilots and dominant aircrafts. The task in hand is very simple, attack everything and conquer all.


Your health and shield levels deplete as you take damage from your enemies so be careful not to let it get too low. To expand your army, take control of vacant ships, there are a large number of different aircraft shapes all capable of causing great damage to your enemies. Have fun and good luck!


If you do not understand the game, try playing and follow the steps to overcome them. You also have the opportunity to share with your friends this game and other similar games like SkyRoyale.io and Space-Base.io. Many fun games are waiting for you at http://y8games.games/. Much time!

Instruction to play:


Use the mouse to interact