is the fighter pilot simulation game which you can play on y8 games online for free. This is one type of fighting game and it is also an io game that allows you to play with plenty of gamers coming from different countries around the world. In this game, your mission is to try to dominate the skies with airborne warfare.

You are in the sky with many other players, each of you has an art fighter aircraft. Control the aircraft to move around the battlefield and attack your enemies. As you soar around the map in state of the art fighter aircraft, you must defeat others in fights and make sure that you do not take any damage through maneuvering tactics to dodge incoming fire. Before entering the arena in y8 games for kids, choose your aircraft and its skin and name it.

When you move around this area, you can see the heart-shaped items which can help you heal your health and give you more power and the shield-shaped items that protect you from your enemies in many seconds. Touch these useful items to collect them. Your enemies appear everywhere around you, they attack you to kill you by shooting at you, the bullets follow after you and destroy you. If you are hit many times, you lose your life and disappear. Thus, you should get away from your opponents or slay them before they grab the chance to assassinate you.

You earn points by killing the foes and surviving. The longer you stay alive, the more points you gain and the more enemies you kill, the more scores you get. Try your best to dominate the sky!

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Instruction to play:

Use the left click or space bar to shoot and right click or W to enter stealth mode.