Superhero Bmx Space Rider

Superhero Bmx Space Rider is an awesome riding game which you can play on y8 free games. Do you dream that you can ride your bike in the galaxy? It sounds impossibles in the real life but it is completely possible in this game. There are various superheroes for you to control, try out your BMX skills on the epic space track!

At first, you possess a green bike and your mission is to help Captain America complete the race in 180 seconds. There are many green balls on the way, you should collect them as many as possible in order to gain coins. You gain 10 coins for each ball. These coins can be used to purchase new characters such as the spiderman with 200 coins, the black panther with 1400 coins, Hulk with 800 coins, superman with 2000 coins.

There are many levels for you to test your riding skills and you have to complete the previous level to unlock the next one. Each level requires a different amount of time. You must reach the goal before the time runs out. The race track is very winding, if you don’t change your direction in time, you fall out of the road. Click the replay button fast to keep your result and play again or all your points are cleared. Try your best to unlock all the characters.

Please rate the game highly and share it with your friends to have fun together. Explore mora games like Extreme Car Drift and Bus Driver Simulator.

Instruction to play:

Use arrows to control.