Sports is an awesome soccer game. In this game, you control a single character on a soccer team. Sports is a strange football match with blood. The unique attraction of this game is that besides trying and scoring as many goals as possible in the given time-frame, you have to kill the opponents.

There are 2 teams in the yard and you are equipped with various weapons. Before playing, you are allowed to choose the blue team or the red one. Both 2 sides are trying to hit the ball to the opponent’s net. All of the players have weapons like spear or sword. When the enemy approaches you, use these weapons to smash your opponents into a bloody pulp. You gain points when injuring your opponents and scoring goals in y8 games for kids. Thus, make sure you do both to gain the maximum score.

When you hit other players, they will die and disappear forever. Each character has a different weapon which does different attack and damage patterns and you can switch character throughout the match. You should control the soccer players near the ball to score easily. Besides attacking your foes, you should try to avoid being hit, otherwise, your team will lose. The ratio of the match is displayed on the top of the screen. Are you strong and brutal enough to win this bloody soccer match?

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD/arrows to move, P to pause/skip the cutscene, E/Shift to switch character, and Space to attack.