Princess Messy Room

The beautiful princess usually leaves her personal items everywhere, but she doesn't have to do housework. This result in her room being really messy. She needs someone to come and clean up her room before the Queen comes home! You will be rewarded with enjoyable playtime if you play this Princess Messy Room game at games y8 school.

It's really tired to do the housework, however, we guarantee that the result will satisfy all players. There are a lot of things on the floor, on shelves and hanging indoors, you need to move them to the storage. The pictures at the bottom of the screen will help you choose the right items to clean. After the room is clean, don't forget to create beautiful hairstyles and pick out some dresses so that the princess is ready to welcome special guests. Everything needs to be carefully arranged in order to make the perfect party.

This Y8 game will teach you that cleaning is a tough task and you should try to keep your room clean. Play it on the PC or mobile version when you have free time. This game is suitable for girls who love princesses and cleaning. The gameplay is easy enough for the kids to play.

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Instruction to play:

Controls: Using your left mouse to click on the messy things on the floor, then they will go back to the right place.