Guess The Expression With The Words

Guess The Expression With The Words is the latest educational puzzle game which you can play on y8 games for free. This game brings you various new words of emotion. Besides, it also features a collection of lovely clouds with the emotional faces. Are you a sensitive person who can feel your companion's feeling by his or her face? Test your emotional qualities right now!

We prepare a range of challenges for you and you must conquer them all one by one. After you give a right answer, another question is coming for you immediately. You have many seconds to choose the correct answer and if you miss out the game, you lose the game immediately and all your points will be taken away. For each level, you gain 100 points. The more correct choices you give us, the more points you receive in y8 games for school.

In each mission, the sunflower gives you an emotional word, and you have 4 emotional-face clouds in the middle of the screen. You must click on one of them to choose. You also have a time bar on the top of the screen, it decreases so fast, try to make a choice before it runs out. See how many words of emotions you can handle in the game!

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Instruction to play:

Click your mouse to choose the answer.