Spider Hero Street Fight

Spider Hero Street Fight is a fighting game which you can play on y8 games for free with no registration. Do you know the Spiderman who has a strong power? Let’s grab a chance to become this hero in this game. One day, Spiderman is patrolling the streets as usual to keep the civilians safe but there is something wrong. There are plenty of bad guys on the road and they are trying to do the bad things and making troubles. As a Spiderman, you must do whatever he can to stop them and keep your city in peace!

The game features many levels for you to conquer. Challenge yourself from the easy to hard level. In the first level, you have to eliminate 2 bad guys. Use awesome martial arts powers and displays a variety of different punches and kicks to attack them. In the next level, you have to fight against a huge number of enemies. They appear and attack you from 2 sides, so you must act fast and be flexible to avoid their attacks and kill them. The higher level you are in, the more foes you have to slay.

Both you and your enemies have the health bar on the top of the screen. The person whose bar runs out first will be the winner. The game features the smooth animations and beautiful 3D graphics, so the weather is very flexible such as rainy, sunny or snowy. Try your best to kill as many bad guys as you can to protect your citizens.

Please rate the game 5 stars if you like this game. Tell me your score and emotion by leaving your feedback in the comment box. Explore more games like  Sir Knight and Red Light Green Light.

Instruction to play:

Use Arrow keys to move, Z to punch, X to kick, C to block, and Spacebar to jump.