Esc 4 Home

Esc 4 Home is an online puzzle game which allows you to play on y8 interesting games for free. The game is not so difficult, it just needs you to grab the chance at the right time to act. Today is such an exhausting day. After you finish all my work, you are ready to check out and your girlfriend calls you to date tonight. However, your boss suddenly rushes out and says your work is all shit and you have to stay here to do it all over again.

No! You think that you have to go and meet your girlfriend today, whatever your boss will say tomorrow. Thus, it is your duty to grab the chance to sneak out today.

The game has many levels and you have to go through them one by one to unlock the next level of y8 free games. Your common task is to find all the keys to open the door in each level and the number of keys is 3 in every level. Besides, your bost will walk around the office to control you and stop you from going out. For example, in level 1, you have to avoid one guard and 2 guards in level 2.

Move around the room, avoid the tables and chairs, then touch the keys to collect them. You must to avoid them and don’t let them catch you. You have 3 chance for each level. It means you can be caught 2 times without losing and after 3 times, you die and have to play from level 1. Try your best to conquer all the missions.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to move