Ship Factory Tycoon

Take the role of an experienced ship maker in Ship Factory Tycoon, a new y8 online game 2019. This will bring new challenges as it's not only an action game but it also combines the special effect of the adventure games to the players. In this game, you will carry out the whole process as an engineer of a ship.

From coming up with ideas, drawing on the sketches to building based on the available blueprints, all of these will be carried out by you, our trusty designer! You have your own factory where the best ships with the latest models are being made. In order to guarantee the best quality for your ships, fulfill the tasks for each stage to complete the whole ship. Repeat the process many times and you will have a huge collection of ships for yourself.

Then, at, you can sell them to the buyers and get some dollars to buy more designs, blueprints and other necessary items for the new ships. It's the game which allows the kids to develop their business sense and skills without any real cost!

Moreover, by spreading the creativity with new designs, it's the artistic sense of the kids that are nurtured here. Look forward to the latest updates of models for ships and new pieces every time you visit the store! Will you be able to thrive using this ship-selling business only? Other games such as Baby Race Galaxy and Dev Vs Deadline can bring a thrilling gaming experience for you as well, so don't hesitate to check them out!

Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen or use the mouse interaction.