Crowd Lumberjack

Upgrade your power through the online game Crowd Lumberjack. Use construction skills to complete the houses on the island. This game is extremely new at Y8Y8 games school. Your task is to cut trees, collect wood and follow the building instructions of the game. Get your ax to work. Add new lumberjacks to your team and build new buildings through this online game world. Where is the beautiful city on your island?

Become a powerful leader followed by the biggest crowd on this island. After that, players have the opportunity to upgrade their power through the new game. Improve the speed of work and build the city faster with the number of new workers. This realistic 3D ragdoll is for every player with simple gameplay. The game attracts players with great graphics. Build the amazing city you want through this game.

The houses appear on the islands. This choice of yours attracts many players to participate. We always update the list of new online games for players at Discover new skills daily. You can complete any new tasks that you haven't done in real life. Move through different locations and complete the countless challenges we have introduced to online players.

Don't hesitate to show your gaming skills. The players are ready to explore the challenges. You have created new houses on this island. Unlock various missions that our game has introduced to game players. Are you ready for a tough challenge? We help players to unlock many similar games with this game like Follow the instructions and give proper play to win picks. 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to complete tasks, WASD to move to new locations