Dark Castle Escape

Adventure games always bring you joy and excitement. It is great if you start the game Dark Castle Escape at y8 for kids to be able to experience. Join now. You can fully explore this game online for free on your browsers. You will accompany your character and your task is to control your character so that you can collect yellow stars. It sounds simple, right? But being adventurous has never been simple.

You need to have certain skills to overcome this game because the road ahead is not big. But it has a lot of rocks that hinder you, large blocks rotate and move to be able to cause you to be hit every time you jump. Moreover, the game has the killer pitfalls which are nail holes. If you are unlucky to touch one of the obstacles, your game will fail. Use your observation and your ingenuity to be able to move and overcome this path full of deadly traps.

If you go to the end of the road without a collision, you will surely become the best player ever. Collect as many gold stars as possible it will give you a high score. Experience even more great things from the game and invite your friends to join the game Dark Castle Escape at http://y8games.games/ today to get the most fascinating adventure ever. If you feel interested in this game, you can challenge yourself to discover some other interesting game genres like Trollface Quest USA and Rooftop Shooter.

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to be able to overcome the obstacles of the game.