Pipe Beer

Beer is a famous beverage which many people drink to satisfy the thirst in the hot summer. This time at game y8 online, you will own a beer restaurant. Before you start selling beer, first, you need to build a long pipe to bring the beer from the factory to the restaurant. Let's try to build the longest pipe that you can in order to cut down on the cost.

Y8 will provide the pieces that you need to complete the task. For each level, you will have a limited amount of time to build the pipe from the pieces. When the time runs out, whether you are ready or not, the beer will start to flow. If you fail to fit all of the pieces together, the beer will be spilled on the floor. Once the key is empty, the pipe will collapse. However, you don't have to build the pipe for too long.

You just need to reach the minimum length required for each level in order to pass it. It's quite easy when you start playing the first levels so try to gain high scores. As you proceed in this http://y8games.games, you won't have much time so it will be harder to finish in time. Be patient, keep focus and train your reflex to learn the basics of the game.

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Instruction to play:

Play with your mouse.