Tomato Crush

A whole basket of tomatoes is waiting for your attention on the kitchen stool in Tomato Crush! The clock is ticking and you need to run against the time to conquer this amazing soup! Since there is no time to slice them nicely, you just need to successfully smash all of the existed ones on each stage to use the juice, then move on to the next batch! This y8 games kids has the theme of a classic fun clicker game, which requires you to show the fastest set of skills.

From a good observation, fast hand movements to active thinking, all of these elements will contribute to your high scores. There are two types of tasks that you might have to finish, such as smashing all the tomatoes or matching fruits of the same color. Make sure that you know the requirements of each level to manage to overcome them. Moreover, for each level that you cross, one more second will be added to your time clock, which allows you to gain a little more time for the next levels.

It's crucial to squish your way through the challenges since you only have 13 seconds to complete each level without a mistake! Each player starts with 20 seconds on the board and keeps gaining points accumulated throughout the stages. Are you ready to chop on the board at Don't miss out on other cool point-and-click games such as Pool Club and Super Stickman Hook!

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to chop.