Monster X Sushi

Monster X Sushi

Date added: 13/05/2023

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Monster love sushi is hyper casual puzzle game on Y88 online. You only need to choose the right pair to feed them with hungry mouth.Do you like sushi and monsters? Do you like matching games and romance? If yes, then you will love Monster love sushi, a cute and fun game where you help sushi and monsters find their true love. Monster love sushi is a game where you swipe to match sushi and monsters based on their preferences and personalities. You can also chat with them, send them gifts, and go on dates with them.

You can unlock more sushi and monsters as you play, and discover their stories and secrets. You can also customize your profile and avatar, and share your progress with your friends. Monster love sushi is a game that will make you smile and laugh. You will fall in love with the adorable sushi and monsters, and enjoy the witty dialogue and charming graphics. Monster love sushi is a game that will warm your heart and tickle your taste buds. Start play Monster love sushi and start your sushi-monster adventure!

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Game controls:

- Touch the pome to choose the right pair sushi.
- Find others sushi to match and feed the monster.
- Clear the map to next level.

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