Stealing The Diamond

The museum in Y8 free games just received a new artifact. It's the most precious diamond and it will be exhibited for a limited time. Let's start making up a perfect plan to steal this diamond in Y8's latest game: Stealing The Diamond! If you are looking for a game with a unique plot line and the feature which allows you to interact with the character, this is the one for you.

It's another game in the series of amazing stick figure adventure games. Obviously, your ultimate goal is to steal the diamond. However, it takes lots of work and effort to break through the security and the protection layers in the museum before you can put your hands on the diamond itself. The best feature in this game is the interaction. You can choose the method and the game will proceed with that.

You can choose to rush in and combat with the guards or try to sneak your way through the rooftop. Whatever you decide, be careful as one wrong move will put you in the prison! Do you have what it takes to pull off the diamond heist and make it out alive? If you like this genre, make sure to also try out some other games like Robots Defense and Happy Room

The games at are available for free online! It's time to steal the largest diamond!

Instruction to play:

Play with the arrow keys and interact with your left mouse.