Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

Due to the clumsy appearance, the hero of the game Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero looks like a good-natured fat man. But this impression is deceiving. The hero put on heavy armor to protect himself from weapons from which he would have to shoot. With his hands with metal gloves, he firmly holds the mobile rocket launcher. It was not chosen by chance, only with the help of a rocket it is possible to demolish an enemy who is dressed no less thoroughly and is located at the top of columns of different lengths.

When you click on the hero, he will start to raise the weapon and you need to stop him in time when the enemy is in the line of fire. Then click and the rocket will fly. You only have one shot per target in Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero. Otherwise, your hero will become the target himself.

The objective of the game is to control the direction of the rocket to calculate the angle and thus be able to eliminate the enemies located on the heights of the different towers. You can collect many coins every time you eliminate an enemy and be able to buy different funny costumes.

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Instruction to play:

Control: Mouse or touch to play this games.