Block Pixel Cops

Block Pixel Cops

Date added: 23/12/2017

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Welcome to the Robbers World - Block Pixel Cops! Oh no! All cops have been infected with a virus. This virus turns them into pixel cops and they start roaming the street and harming innocent people.

The number of infected cops is increasing too fast, so we need you to come to Y8 online game and save the town. Your task in this game is to find the pixel cops, shoot them and try to stay alive. Not only are the dangerous pixel cops, they can also chase and attack you unexpectedly. So what should players prepare in order to win the game?

First, come to Y8Y8 game weapon store and pick out the weapon that you are familiar with. A suitable gun will assist you a lot in the game. Then, let's join the game! You will enter a 3D space with many buildings and objects so you should move to find the enemies, hide when you need to and shoot them with your gun. Pay attention to well-trained pixel cops, they can approach you really fast and attack from a close range.

This game from might be difficult, but it will bring you an exciting and fun time. Have fun now with Block Pixel Cops and other games such as Anime Fighters Cr: Sasuke and Money Movers 2

Game controls:

So how can you control the character? Move left, right, turn around with the arrow keys, jump by space key or you can just play by dragging your mouse.

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