Army Combat

Another shooting game has arrived. It promises to bring you an interesting playground that you hardly find in other games of the same genre. Sometimes, if you have thought of going wild, put your anger on something, then let’s jump into the battlefield in this game and relieve what is build up in the body on your enemies. Enjoy the thrilling combats in 2 available game modes including Assault Mode and Defend Mode.

Each mode gives you different gameplay and feeling that you can’t pick which one is your favorite. You just enjoy both of them. Here at y8games, enter the mode you want to play first, start shooting and enjoy thrilling action experience. Moving around the open battlefield and shooting all living creatures. They are your enemies. Be quick and defeat your opponent first before they shoot you.

They are crowded, so if you find yourself in a disadvantage when facing too many people alone, then let’s run away and look for something to cover to avoid the attack from them on It’s better to protect your life first. Shooting down one by one will be easier. Even when you are a good gunman, you cannot survive when surrounded by so many people with a gun. Therefore, finding hiding places is very important.

Way after way of enemies is coming. You should be ready to deal with them. Remember to find a hiding place first, then shoot them down one by one. Enjoy every moment here and prove that you’re good at shooting and strategy. Have fun! Don’t forget to check out more games on our site such as Apocalypse World and Scar.


Instruction to play:

Mouse to aim, left mouse to shoot, C to change the view, Space to jump.