Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale is the multiplayer shooting game that you can play for free in y8 io games. It is considered to be the upgraded version of the Zombs io game. Because it is the multiplayer game, you will play with plenty of games around the world at the same time. You are in the mortal combat and your main goal is to stay alive as long as possible by killing the enemies.

Before playing, name your character and click to choose a location. The most important thing in this war is the powerful weapon, so you must find a box or a chest and open it for weapons first. Besides, the weapons are always available and you don’t need to purchase them with money. There is a variety of weapons for you to choose: machine guns, handguns, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles and so on.

Move around the area in y8 games for kids, find your enemies to shoot them before they can shoot you. Furthermore, you also have to look for other useful things to survive the as long as possible like food, the first aid kit and so on. Your opponents appear everywhere on the map, they can hide behind many objects and shoot you from a long distance. Thus, move wisely and act fast to keep your life.

A moment later, a blue poisonous gas will start moving and bringing you closer to your enemies, until the map becomes just a little circle. However, you must be careful because if you get caught in the gas you will eventually die.

The number of killed opponents, your rank and the playing time are displayed on the screen after you finish your task. I wonder if you can be the last one who still stands on the map.

Please rate the game highly and leave your comments if you have the feedback for us. Invite your friends to join in this battle together. Play more io games like Angry Snake and Zomzom.io at http://y8games.games/.

Instruction to play:

WASD or arrow keys to move, M to view the map, E to interact, Left click to shoot, and R to reload.