Stickman Golf

Golf is considered a sport for the rich. You have to pay a lot to invest in this sport in real life. How about playing golf without paying any money? There is always a way to satisfy your golfing passion if you don't have the financial ability to play golf in real life. It’s Stickman Golf - a fun and cool golf game that you can enjoy for free at games y8. anytime. Horn your skills and experience the great gaming time here without spending any fee.

You will go through the detailed instructions about how to play. Basically, you press and hold the left button to turn arrow counterclockwise. Press and hold the right button to turn arrow clockwise. Press power button to increase your hitting power. After that, you start with the first of 10 holes. Your objective is to clear each hole with as fewer strokes as possible to earn 3 stars each time on A hole with one stroke will reward you 3 stars.

These stars are money that you can use to buy new items for your stickman. It’s ok if you miss sometimes. Just play several times and you will get familiar with the gameplay and control mechanisms, as well as horn your aiming skills so that you can play perfectly next time. This game is really entertaining, simple but challenging at the same time. It’s for those who love golf but haven’t had a chance to play yet or for those who simply are finding something fun to relax. Enjoy more awesome games such as Wrestle Up and Super Bowl Tic Tac Toe.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to adjust the angle and the power of the hit.