Drunken Wrestle

Drunken Wrestle

Date added: 02/07/2021

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With a hilarious wrestling game, the Drunken game series continues on Y8. The objective is to avoid touching your head to the ground and, of course, to touch your opponent's head to the ground. Each level has its own set of conditions. Wrestling is affected by changing conditions and level designs, so you'll need to develop fresh strategies... There are 1P and 2P modes in Drunken Wrestle. The match is won by the first player to reach a score of 5 in the game!

Play this wrestler game to become a legendary warrior for free on https://y8games.games/. Enter the ring and compete against the best fighters on the planet. Here comes the martial arts revolution, where you can only protect yourself with your muscles.

Have more fun with your friends in this game. Don't miss the chance to start into a few other similar game genres such as Commando Boat and TrezeBoost

Game controls:

Player 1: "W". Player 2: "UP ARROW".

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