Garage Apocalypse

How can you complete the missions of the Garage Apocalypse game at y8games? You are alone in the room with the broken car and the guns. Your most important task is to repair the car to 100%, destroy the zombies that are destroying the doors and repair the doors to prevent the zombies from entering your room. That is your 3rd mission in this game.


It is very difficult for you to do them at the same time. Therefore, you need to look closely. Kill the zombies as fast as you can, then repair the doors and your car until you can finish them. y8 free gams select this zombie game along with the car repair task to help players focus the most on their journey of discovery.


You have the opportunity to share with your friends to see who is winning the level in the most intelligent way. These guns are placed in different positions so that players can move and shoot zombies from those positions. After shooting the zombies, you can continue to repair the doors and your car.


Once the car has been successfully repaired, you have won the level. In addition, other games similar to this game are also updated at daily like Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3. You may miss them in your favorite games list but cannot fail to play them. Explore the world and complete missions in this game.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse and click on the tasks appear on the screen if you want to do that task, use the arrow keys to control the camera zoom in or zoom out