Super Stickman Biker

Super Stickman Biker is the action-fueled trial biking game which is playable on y8 games online for free. This well-designed bike game brings you to many rough terrain courses crammed with hills, jumps, and obstacles. You must race through the challenges and stay alive until reaching the destination to win. If you are not good at biking, it’s difficult for you to overcome all the deadly traps.

You are racing in the sunset, so you can find it difficult to observe everything around you. Watch out and avoid all the impediments to save your life. The most arduous challenge is that you have to jump higher and go through the hole with many spikes without falling. Besides, you also need to climb many hills while balancing your vehicle in order not to fall out and crash anything in y8 interesting games.

Besides, the most important mission is to collect as many gears which scattered on the way as possible without crashing and finish the line. In addition, performing stunts and cool tricks brings you the bonus points but be careful not to hit your head as you will crash and fail. You have 1 minute to complete your duty. Race against the clock and take advantage of the time to reach the goal in the shortest time to earn points. You will get all 3 stars as you win in the shortest time. When you collect enough gears, you can unlock cooler bikes to for the next course to race in. Enjoy your radical ride!

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Instruction to play:

Press right arrow to accelerate and left arrow to move backward.