Action games are always attractive to players. If you have a lot of time, you can join the online game Veratowers at y8 games unblocked You will be involved in a dangerous survival battle. Some enemies want to invade your territory. You need to fight hard to regain your place. Many surprises are waiting for you. You will witness more interesting things. What is your mission? Find out the rules of this game.

VeraTowers is a typical multiplayer strategy tower defense game. You can choose to live a player or two-player mode and play with other online players. The army, archers on the tower and magic are all controlled by you. Just manage to beat Orc and have fun! You will use a gun to shoot all enemies who are trying to invade your territory. Enemies go in very large numbers, you need to exterminate and shoot them so they die before entering your territory.

Enjoy the fun today! Survival game always brings attraction to many players. Do you want to show off your fighting skills and become the leader of this game? Can you overcome it? It all depends on your ingenuity. You will practice those tasks well. With vivid graphic design, you will be involved in a fierce and dangerous battle. Join your friends to play games and share the fun with them. Are you willing to participate in some other games similar to Castle Light and Tmnt vs Power Rangers: Ultimate Hero Clash 2  at y8 game new You will find it relaxing in life.


Instruction to play:

Use W / S or up / down arrows to control archers, space bar or left mouse button to shoot