Tanks Battle

Tanks Battle is the best combination of the gun firing, wall destroying, vehicle crushing tank game. This game can be played on y8 fighting games for free. This is a complex game in which you have to be good at shooting and fighting to win. You are at the controls of an ultimate machine of mass destruction and you must try your best to the last survivor.

In this 3D tank battle game, you are allowed to jump in the cockpit of an epic tank and head to the battlefield. Besides, you can also with a group of friends and take on a team of enemies in tank battle because it is the multiplayer game. Move around the arena, kill all the opponents when you see them and try your best to stay alive as long as possible in y8 funny games!

You can choose to save the game online which you have to log in or offline in which your result is saved in your computer. We have 3 modes for you to try on: defense, town battle, and valley battle. Each of them has the different mission but the main task is to kill the enemy army and lead your team to the victory. After choosing your favorite mode, you are ready to head into the action.

There is a fine art to control a tank. Thus, make sure that you are good at controlling and using the scope feature for better accuracy and fire your enemies into oblivion.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD/arrow keys to control the tank, left click to shoot, hold the left mouse button to move the camera, and Shift to use the scope.