Adam and Eve 6: Sleepwalker

In this version Adam and Eve 6: Sleepwalker, Adam turns out to be a very active sleepwalker unwittingly. This time, he is lost in the middle of the cold ice age of y8 games for kids. But his aim is also to find the way to come back home with his warm and comfy bed safely. There are plenty of difficulties on the road, he can’t pass them alone, he needs your help to guide him the way out. Let’s give him a hand to conquer the adventure now.

Adam is squirming in the dangerous ice mountain, your mission is to take him back home by avoiding the harmful obstacles on the way such as the monsters, the ice machine or the deep holes. Besides, sometimes you can meet the useful objects and the helpful animals in y8 games for free.

Observe carefully to find the let them help you. For example, the hidden keys help you open the doors, the wooden boxes fill the holes for you to walk through, the dolphins take you to the other side of the sea, the hammers can break the ice and many types of helpful objects are waiting for you to explore.

Interact with Adam and these objects to find a way out of all stages. Take time to consider how the objects interact with each other and make full use of them to get the best result. Try your best to take him home.

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Instruction to play:

Click your mouse to play.