Gold Miner Jack

Gold Miner Jack is an online game which you can play on y8 games online for free. The game is the story of Jack whose ambition is to be the richest man in the world. He knows that the miners had gold, so Jack decides to become a gold digger but he is not good at digging. Thus, he needs your help to collect as much gold as possible.

There are many objects on the ground such as the diamonds with the different colors of white, blue, red, and yellow, the stones, the money bags, bombs and so on. Each of them has the different price. You must be wise to pick up the valuable things to enrich your asset and overcome each level. The best valuable things are the diamonds which cost 500 or 200 dollars. The diamonds are small, so it takes a short time to dig. Besides, the gold is worthy but it is heavier and it takes more time to pick up. In addition to this, the stones are heavy but they are very cheap with from 1 to 6 dollars in y8 games for kids.

You have one minute to complete each level, so you should not waste your time. Make a wise plan to gain much money in the short time. The game requires you to gain a different amount of money in each mission, such as you have to gain 850 dollars in level1. You must complete each level to unlock the next one. If you don’t pick enough money, you will lose the game and all the money in your asset is gone and you have to replay from the beginning.

Be careful and go as far as you can and become the richest man in the game.

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Instruction to play:

Click your mouse to interact.