Adventure Island

Adventure Island is an adventure game that you can play on y8 adventure games for free. The game brings you to the dreamy jungle on a beautiful island. The cute and adorable monkey named Bobo is bored of his everyday life. Thus, he wants to spice things up by exploring new and exciting locations on this interesting island!

The forest is very eye-catching with many trees, colorful flowers, and mushrooms. There are 60 levels. Each level has the different challenges and the length of each road is also different. The monkey is moving automatically, so you just have to help him jump higher to collect more coins and avoid obstacles.

There are plenty of other monkeys equipped weapons on the way to kill you. Besides, the piranha plants are so steady, hungry and dangerous. Other obstacles in y8 free online games are the bushes, the boomerangs of the fellows and the Gorilla. Gorilla belongs to the elite squad of gorilla soldiers but you can still smack him on his big head. If you touch these harmful object, you lose your life and have to replay the game. When seeing them, act fast to jump up higher at the right time to avoid them.

However, plenty of helpful objects are willing to help you. For example mushroom, you can land on it for an extra boost to collect the coins in the air. With the coins magnet power-up, you can collect the nearby coins without touching, but it won’t last forever, it disappears after many seconds. 

Collect as many coins and diamonds as possible to purchase awesome outfits for Bobo. Attempt to avoid the myriad of dangerous objects to complete each level and unlock the next one.

 Try best and tell me how many levels you can conquer. Rate and share the game, please. Many exciting games are waiting for you in  Mortar Watermelon.

Instruction to play:

Use left mouse button or space bar to help the monkey jump.