The House

Welcome to an extremely new genre just released The House at y8 for free. This is a free online game that you can fully participate in your computer and mobile browser. With extremely simple but special graphic design, vivid sound. I firmly believe that you will be extremely attractive from the first time you join. Are you ready to challenge yourself and the game?

At the beginning of the game you will appear in an extremely attractive 3D simulation room. Your mission in this game is adventure and escape. You can also check all the objects you can see in each room and you are trapped in this big house. You have enough time to be able to discover what is happening to you and everything in this house. sounds interesting, right?

Use your brain and challenge yourself and the game to be able to escape from this house. This is also a game that can train your brain to become smarter. The game also has a lot of great things behind you waiting to discover. Luck also smile to you? I think knowing that you have the wisdom you will surely overcome it all.

All of those great things are only in the game The House at Remember to share these joys with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today for the chance to experience and challenge your brain. If you like this game genre, you can completely challenge yourself to discover some other interesting puzzle game genres like Princess Rescue and Blind Zombie.

Instruction to play:

Using the mouse was able to win.