Mayhem Racing

Mayhem Racing is the 3D racing game. This game lets you drive with the highest speed without causing an accident that you can’t do in the real life. Possess your own car and drive in many different terrains.

The game allows you to both play alone and compete with your friends. The game has 2 modes with the different features and rules for you to relax. The first one is time trial which you have to fight against your time and there is no one on the way except you. Your mission in this mode is to drive toward and complete the track in the shortest time to gain the highest score.

The second mode of y8 car games is an arcade in which you can choose the difficulty: easy, normal, or hard. It is your duty to race against other 3 racers on the road. Try your best to become the first one reaching the goal to gain the highest score.

There are 3 laps in each track and when you complete all these laps, you win the game. You can see your position and the number of the lap on the corner of the screen. Then, select the favorite track. We have 5 beautiful tracks in the mountainous area, in the city or in a deserted town. After that, choose your own vehicles among 10 car models. Because it is a 2-player game, you can invite your friends to compete with you. Attempt to explore all the tracks.

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Instruction to play:

Player 1: use WASD to drive and player 2: use arrow keys.