Justice League: Nuclear Rescue

Justice League: Nuclear Rescue is an online game which you can play on y8 interesting games for free. A dark force is going to react the nuclear and this action will be harmful to the earth. Thus, our superheroes are trying to stop this to save the world. However, if a fighter fight alone, no matter how strong she or he is, there are dangers they can't perfectly deal. Therefore, the Justice League is formed.

Justice League is now assembled by Cyborg, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder woman, Batman, and many other superheroes. Their mission is to fight together to maintain peace. This time, Brainiac and his evil fallows are going to send the riverside nuclear reactor into meltdown. It is your duty to shut down the reactors before it's too late. You will set a team and they support together to do the task in y8 unblocked games for school.

In the beginning, there is one character and he will rescue the others. Switch and control them to cooperate, collect badges and kill the monsters. Each of them has a special ability. You must act wisely and make full use of these abilities to overcome many deadly traps such as the deep holes, the nails, the electric rays and so on.

Besides, don’t forget to collect the badges which are suspended in the air. Try your best to shut the reactors down to save the world.

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Instruction to play:

Use left/right arrow to move, up to jump, down to switch character, and spacebar to use the skill.