Gravinaut is a cool platform game which is playable y8y8 games. You play as a astronaut that can manipulate gravity to get your need to go. Navigate your way through the space station using by switching gravity. This game is not easy. 


Move carefully and watch out for the spikes and traps! Each different area or level has a series of challenging puzzles that you must work through - use your logic and puzzle solving skills to progress. You can switch yourself by pressing up and down button, but to invert the entire room you have to press the button. Figure a way around deadly traps by carefully switching gravity at the perfect moment. This game is great fun and features retro graphics, cool music, and interesting gravity based gameplay. Try to complete Gravinaut as quickly as possible and register a top score!


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Instruction to play:


Left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to shift gravity up

Down arrow to shift gravity down

Space bar to jump, click twice to double jump

Right ctrl to shift gravity of an object (if you are on a panel)