Viking: Way to Valhalla

A dragon has attacked your village and abducted your wife! Chase down the dragon through the forest full of dangerous enemies. Can you help the Viking defeat all his foes in this match3 bejewelled adventure?

Valhalla awaits your enemies in Viking: Way to Valhalla! Published by y8 free Games, this highly addicting, match-two battle game places you in the role of a Viking protecting your village and trying to save your woman!

Available on both desktop and mobile, you have to match symbols of the same color to create another one and match swords to execute an attack to shut down your enemy.

Use tactics and forward thinking strategies to defeat your enemies and save your people! Will you prove your worth in battle or will you end up in Valhalla, defeated?

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Instruction to play:

Match green elements to create a yellow element
Match yellow elements to create a red one
Match red elements to create a sword
In any of the above cases, the resulting element will appear in the place of the element that you tapped or clicked
Match swords to attack your enemy, and / or to destroy adjacent stones. Note that you need to click a sword adjacent to a stone to make it disappear. The more swords you combine the bigger the multiplier on your attack is and the more damage you will perform. This means that you should match as many swords as you can to maximize your damage!