Brains .io

If you are a fan of adventurous and scary games. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the online game Brains .io at  y8 games 1 You will be lost in a world of scary zombies. If you have a lot of time, join the game now. You will not feel there is more idle time. Your task is a bit thirsty. Brains io is a fun, zombie-themed, online-themed IO game. All players start each game like a human, once disease occurs, zombies will hunt down players and turn them into immortals.

The goal is for humans to escape and escape until time runs out. If a person is still alive at the end of the match, humans will win. When a player turns into a zombie, he automatically joins the zombie team, must chase the rest. If all humans die before the end of the match, the zombies get victorious. Be the last survivor to destroy all the remaining zombies. Enjoy the fun! Are you scared to join this game? You will become a hero if you win fear and destroy all zombies. Will you do what you love? Everything depends on your effort.

With vivid graphic design, you will get lost in a horrifying and difficult battle. Use your weapons to slash zombies. Don't let them turn you into teammates. Play with friends in this game. You are ready to play some other similar games and SnowWars .io  at y8 game new You will have plenty of time to relax in life.


Instruction to play:

Control: Arrow / WASD = move, Mouse = rotate / grab / shoot