Pets Rush

Pets Rush

Date added: 14/03/2022

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Rush to the puzzle board of Pets Rush and solve the quiz of collecting the matching pieces so that you can clear them off the board within time! This is another good selection of matching games that kids of all ages have rated with high scores here on our free category of Y8 2022! The goal of this game is to stay in the process for as long as possible by making sure that the stack of blocks will not reach the top edge of the board.

You can remove the clusters of 3 similar blocks. The similarity should be in the color of them. If you get some cute animal or lovely boosters, they will help to add extra rewards to your final score. When you make it to the next level, prepare yourself for more blocks, huge obstacles, unmovable objects that prevent the matching, and so many other ones. Use the gained powerful items to open the chest and use the mighty power-up to your advantage.

The moment that any block on any column reaches the top of the board, your game is over. Use the fastest move and swiftly match with clever tactics to earn more points than your last records. Thanks to the cute color palette, adorable graphics, and endless levels, it's a perfect game for kids of all ages to explore here at!

For each stage, be aware of the number of blocks as well as use the button to push more rows wisely. You can force to display more rows quickly so that you get some resources to match. However, be careful so as not to push too many and get your record into danger! The higher the stage, the faster the blocks move. How can you win this game and move on to the harder ones like Virtual Families Cook Off

Game controls:

Click to match and choose the blocks.

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