Fruit Lines

Tile-matching puzzles have become incredibly popular in recent years. Their success is not particularly surprising, given how addictive and accessible they are. But even the most entertaining formulas eventually overstay their welcome. Fruit Lines Saga is a game with a similar premise, but slightly different implementation. Meet a hard-working farmer who has trouble managing his sizable homestead alone.

Apparently, some mischievous local kids pulled a prank on him. They swapped all the seeds around, and now the plants are growing out of order. Sort the same kinds into lines of 5 or more as they pop up. Earn points for every successful combo, and strive not to run out of space. Harvest as many ripe apples, berries, and melons as possible to reach a high score. Enjoy now at Y8y8 puzzle games.

Move the Items to the blank spaces in order to create a horizontal or vertical row of 5 identical items. To move an item, tap it and then tap the blank tile. If there is any open path between the item and its destination, it would travel to the new place. Each time when you move an item and if no match happens, 3 new items will be added to the board. Don't let the board be crowded or it may fill all the places causing the end of the game.

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Instruction to play:

Use a mouse or touch-pad to play this game.