Pigeon game

Pigeon Game is a fun action and power-up game which is available for all fans of y8 online games to play for free. Your mission in this game is to control a pigeon. He is hunting for food in the forest but he is not skillful enough, so he needs you help him to finish the duty well.

Your food is attached to a spinning target. In order to catch food, you must click the mouse for the pigeon to pluck it. Your food is rotating and the pigeon also rotates. Thus, it’s difficult for you to complete your mission. Just touch and collect the yellow blocks on the target and avoid touching the brown ones or you die immediately. Watch out to only pluck the correct food as well as avoid plucking any incorrect items. Otherwise, you will damage your own score in y8 games for free and you will eventually fail.

In addition to this, after many seconds, many bugs appear, you should pick up them as many as you can because they can be used for buying the power-ups which help you pluck the food quicker and progress easier and each of them costs 10 bugs. Besides, you can revival with 10 bugs. In addition to this, for each completed level, you earn 3 crowns. When you get enough crowns, you can unlock the new mission with new targets and challenges.

This game uses a single button mechanism and let’s see how many stages you can complete in this fun arcade game!

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Instruction to play:

Use the left click to pluck.