EvoWorld.io is a brand-new.io game that features an evolution-based free-for-all survival mode! You will spawn as a little fly here! Explore the map and help it grow! To get experience, eat food that you can discover on the map!

You must fight other players that you may encounter on this large map! In comparison to other .io games of y8y8y8 games, this one is very unique! You'll have a great time here for many hours! Compete against your enemies! You can watch them if you're going to die! Many biomes and ground levels, such as space and caves, can be found here!

Evolve all the way to the end to show your enemies who's the boss! A leaderboard system is also available! You must collect as many experience points as possible if you want to be first! So, what exactly are you waiting for? Play now on https://y8games.games/

Get ready to take on the challenge that this game has sent to you and explore the world of other similar games in your spare time that you can hardly ignore like Cellcraft.io Each game has its way of joining and decoding

Instruction to play: