Word Cookies Online

Most of the puzzle games or words related games tend to be boring and annoying to look at, but Word Cookies Online at y8 game online is different. The game is a puzzle game with the cookie theme, which makes it really user-friendly and easy to follow.

This is a cool game in which your task is to find the words using the scattered letters that are provided on the plate. The more words you find, the more scores you will get. Try your best to come up with all the possible words on one level. This y8 free games seems easy at first since only a few letters are given, but as the game continues to the higher levels, it might be a little hard to come up with all the words because there are many possibilities.

In order to reach the highest level, you will need your creativeness, spelling ability, and your amazing vocabulary. But don't worry! Unlike other puzzle games, this game creates a game that progresses slowly enough so that you can follow and get used to the method of it. Word Cookies Online game online also comes with a cute cookie theme for all players to enjoy.

If you like a little challenge and want to improve your vocabulary, come and try out now! There are more games like Lozy and Checkers at http://y8games.games/, let's check it out!

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to control.