Among the most mind-challenging games, chess is no doubt one of the hardest ones yet many people really enjoy a good chess game.

It's refreshing to spend time brainstorming a little and play to defeat the others by demolishing their pieces and promote your piece to a King. You can also challenge your own ability and other opponents' skills for free by joining Checkers online game at y8games. This is a classic chess game which is set on a square board of 64 squares filled with basic chess pieces. The way to play this game is just like that of a normal chess game.

You need to move the pieces according to the rules so that they can attack the other team's pieces. The goal is to checkmate the King and threatened it so that the King can't escape with any other moves. It's not easy but it's really worth spending the time challenging different opponents.

Y8 2 players has created a beautiful design and it's also easy to control with your mouse so that you can have the best experience. Looking for a game to improve your complex thinking? Come to online and check it out! There're so many more games like this such as Sweet Sugar Slide and Christmas Time if you want more. Let's go!

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to move the pieces.