Nifty Hoopers

Tear the nets with your precision shots and help your team win the World Basketball Championship on Y8 game online. Choose one of the 16 nations and prove that you have what it takes to win.

To win, you must score enough points before the time limit expires. When the cursor is in the green zone, click anywhere to take a precise shot. If there's an opponent in front of you, you'll have to first confuse him. When the cursor is in the blue zone, click to accomplish this. You have a few seconds to fire a shot while your opponent is perplexed.

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Instruction to play:

To win you need to score enough points before time runs out. Click anywhere when the pointer is in the green zone to make a precise shot. If you have an opposing player in front of you, you will have to confuse him first. You achieve this by clicking when the cursor is in the blue zone. While the opponent is confused, you have a few seconds to send a shot.