Military Squad

Y8 games is looking for the best shooters to join the Military Squad - the latest shooting game for kids. Like most shooting games, this is a 3D first-person game in which you will team up with other players from around the world to defeat your opponents. But this game is outstanding thanks to its smooth transition, great graphics and the feature which allows the players to communicate with each other during the fight. The first task is to choose your team. Will you be on team Delta or team Racon?

In this game, there are 4 available classes with different weapon choices. For each team battle, you can coordinate with your teammates to ensure victory against the other team. That's why it's crucial that you know the strengths and the weaknesses of each team to make the most suitable choice for each level.

This game also requires the ability to react quickly in the intense situation and the great teamwork spirit. Not only should you attack the opponents, you also have to protect your own teammates to claim the title. If you take a look at the left corner of the game screen, you will find a small map which shows your position in the field and the others' positions as well. Taking advantage of this feature will increase your chance of winning this Come and shoot some enemies with more games such as Impostor vs Noob and Beach Run.

Instruction to play:

Move and shoot with your mouse.