Sunset Bike Racer

Sunset Bike Racer is an online racing game that you can play on y8 amazing games for free. As the sun goes down, the dividing line between the sky and the line seem blurry, so drive your motorbike among the rugged road sounds like a pleasant thing. Besides, it is more interesting that there are so many challenging obstacles are on the way. You have a motorbike and you have to get over various deadly traps and impediments to perform many missions.

Make full use of your driving skills to pass the obstacles without crashing and try to keep yourself alive until reaching the endpoint. There is a collection of racetracks for you to try on. Each of them contains the different challenges and impediments. Sometimes you see the brittle bridge, you must go through it fast because it is destroyed when you drive on it. Besides, you also must avoid hitting the spikes, the hole, the mountains and so on in y8 kid games.

Boost your speed but don’t forget to balance your vehicle to not make an accident. In each level, you have 3 different timelines equivalent 3 stars. You will gain all 3 stars if you finish your mission in the shortest time equivalent to the first timeline. For instance, in level 1, if you complete in 10 seconds, you get 3 stars, you get 2 stars if you reach the end line in 10,50 seconds and you gain 1 stars as you reach the destination in 11 seconds. Otherwise, you lose the game. When you complete your task 1, the next one is unlocked.

There are many regions for you to gain the interesting experiences and each region contains 30 levels, you have to earn a certain number of stars to unlock the next one. Besides, you can unlock some other more awesome bikes.

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Instruction to play:

Space to speed up, Shift to boost up, Ctrl to brake, and Arrows to rotate.