Crazy Courier Ride

Crazy Courier Ride is a riding challenge game which is playable for free on y8 2018 racing games. This HTML5 can be played in both browsers and smart devices. There is an important order which needs to be delivered in the short time. Thus, you need to make full use of your driving skills to complete the mission perfectly.

The box of goods is on the bike and behind you. You have to drive your bike through the rugged road made from the platforms with the different height. Be careful to not fall into space between 2 platforms or you will die. Besides, you should balance your bike well in order not to crash into the obstacles and roll over and lose your life.

In addition to this, you can see the wooden boxes on the way in y8 2018 kids games, collect them all and get them to the flag to clear the level. Try to complete the task in the shortest time for bonus points. You just can jump 4 times before you reach the house and recharge your power. Make full use of them to go through the obstacles.

Finish one level to unlock the next one with more interesting things and challenges. You have 3 chances for each level. When you die, you can restart the level from the checkpoint. As all 3 lives run out, you lose the game immediately. Sometimes you can see the colorful diamonds, pick them up and you can go to the store to buy new and better bikes. Furthermore, collecting all the apples in a level can help you get a rank star. Try your best to conquer as many levels as you can.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to control the bike.